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Dance Recreation Classes and Competition  Troupe

About Us

Miss Chelsea's Dance Academy's goal is to provide students of all ages the opportunity to improve themselves in a variety of ways. Building strong character values as in teamwork, discipline, confidence, diligence, creativity and an appreciation for the performing arts are some of the ways this is accomplished.


We also push each individual student in dance technique, style, strength, and flexibility to create a well-rounded artist. 


MCDA is in its fifth year and is a third-generation dance studio that is building off of 15 years experience as South Street Dance Company and 4 years experience as Cooper Studios Dance Center. 


Miss Chelsea is the director and owner of MCDA. She has been dancing from the young age of 3 and has been teaching classes and choreographing for ten years. After hitting the stage, Chelsea fell in love with the performing arts, specifically dance.


She can think of nothing better than passing on and teaching the love of her life to a new generation. Her goal is to create a safe and loving environment for kids of all ages to come and participate in the art of dance.



Miss Chelsea

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